Moving Guide The Moving Guide


to a successful move.


Planning your moving date 

  • Read the removal policy. 
  • Establish property rules before scheduling the move. 
  • Be aware of weight and height restrictions. 
  • Check allocated days and times during which moving is allowed. 
  • Consider differences in cost between moving mid-month vs month-end.    


Understanding your Quote 

The main factors affecting the cost of removal are:

  • The quantity of items will determine the number of loaders required, size of vehicle and packaging materials.
  • Accessibility – determines duration of move.
  • Distance – affects travel time and thus cost.


Determining services required – 

Standard removal service

Contents must be packed prior to Movers’ arrival

  • Team and tools supplied.
  • Goods moved into designated rooms.
  • Assembly and dismantling service provided. 
  • Insurance required – Standard Goods in Transit cover. 

Moving Guide

Additional services 

  • Packing materials
  • Packing service – Supply and pack contents of home.
  • Special wrapping service – Wrapping of antiques, art, Valuable furniture.

Tip: Request Mover views your home if it has three or more-bedrooms or if you require the contents of your home packed.


Admin Reminder

  • Ensure you contact utility services and notify relevant people of change of address and cancel any regular deliveries.  
  • Notify your household insurance broker of your move.

Moving Guide


Prepare a moving day kit

Mark a box with essentials for moving day. Include toiletries, change of clothes, light bulbs, flashlight, water, favourite toy/s for children, set of towels and linen, coffee pot, pet food, etc.

Tip: Ensure jewellery, documents, firearms etc., are securely packed away and isolated.


Packing procedure 

  • Draw up a floor plan of your new home and assign a colour to each room.
  • Match the colours with corresponding boxes and furniture destined for each room.
  • Take inventory: record the number and colour each box and have a spreadsheet listing contents.
  • Pack boxes compactly and to the top. Avoid loose packing.  

Tip: Declutter and dispose of un-wanted furniture and arbitrary items rather than move them.

Large boxes – light items

Small boxes – heavy items

Moving Guide

Packing materials, you may require

  • Varying sizes of boxes 
  • Bubble wrap
  • Wrapping paper
  • Utility knife
  • Notebook
  • Packaging Tape
  • Markers
  • Colour coded labels


Moving day

  • Clearly mark items to be left behind.
  • Ensure your new home is ready and has been cleaned.
  • Stay until the movers have finished. Walk around house; ensure nothing has been left behind. Check all windows are closed and the gas and electricity supply are switched off.
  • Arrive at new home before removal crew, so you can guide them around the house and coordinate the offloading. Colour code each room.


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Moving Guide

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