Meet the team

Dieter Oberholster
Drawing on his Swiss Heritage for the name, Dieter Oberholster started Swiss Movers to provide Swiss efficiency and precision in the furniture removals business
Richard Jansen Van Rensburg
Acting CEO Richard J.V.Rensburg joined in late 2019 and has since taken Swiss Movers to new heights. Tasked with developing marketing strategies, accounting methods, and identifying company missions and goals.
Yanja "Ganda Ganda"
Yanja is charismatic, and works exceptionally well under pressure. He likes to keep things light, and has a wonderful balance between charm and professionalism.
Pateo "The Machine"
Pateo is an extremely disciplined individual, with an outstanding work ethic. He is focused, driven, and takes great pride in everything he does.
Frank "The Tank"
Frank is a master of his craft. An impeccable driver as well as manager, who has been with Swiss Movers from the very beginning. Knowledgeable and reliable

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